ISO Certification for VWS

For the effective management of the activities of this B2B company and in order to satisfy the demands of its clients, a well-functioning quality-management system is an important tool.

The management of VWS has clearly defined its policy regarding quality. The measures, procedures and resources of the quality-management system have been recorded in the accompanying Internal Manual.

The purpose of the manual is:

- to contribute to clarity in the organization by recording authorizations, procedures and instructions
- to eliminate ambiguity in working-methods
- to provide a tool for training new employees
- to record the working-methods already in use within the organization

The main points of the ISO 9001:2015 standard are:

- improved customer relations
- increase of means (such as manpower)
- continuous improvement of the quality management system
- the focus on leadership and risk management
- emphasis on measuring and changing the objectives
- communication and awareness

To realize these goals, it is necessary that:

- all employees who perform tasks that influence the quality-management system are familiar with and able to perform their tasks in accordance with it.
- all employees acquire the training, education and experience necessarry to work within the system.

Each year the management will evaluate the quality-management system in order to determine its suitability and effectiveness.


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